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Boston Marathon Tragedy April 16, 2013

While people were waiting for marathon runners to cross the finish line, a bomb exploded on the street. The force was so strong that it blast people into the air and blew off limbs. Police immediately warned everyone to stay back, but another bomb went off. Three have been reported dead and at least 98 were injured, according to reports from hospitals around the scene. Officials believe this was the work of terrorists, but whether a group or single, foreign or domestic, they don’t know. No arrests have been made, but investigations are going strong.

A tragic event like this shouldn’t be happening. Life is too fragile, too short. One man was going to propose to his girlfriend as she passed the finish line, but she passed away. Now he never will get to see her again. Most of us will never experience such a tragic event in our lifetime, so realize how lucky you are. Support all those affected by the Boston tragedy- write Boston or Boston Marathon on your wrists. It’s not much, but it’s something, and something bigger is going to come.

We need to take a stand against violence. In the next few days, I plan to start a petition, rally some friends and community service representatives at school, and do something. Attacks and violence have gone on too long. Share your thoughts and caring in the comment box below.

It’s not much, but it’s something. And life isn’t long, but it’s important.

I’ve reached a breaking point. America can’t sit back and watch through Connecticut, Boston, and the thousands of unknown crimes that are committed each day.

It needs to stop.



Spotlight on Religion: Spiritism March 29, 2013

Now it’s time for our second religion, I know you were waiting ages for this. So, what’s this one called? Spiritism.

Religion: Spiritism is a religion that isn’t really a religion like any other, sort of blending Christianity and some other Western religions to form its root. It was started by a French educater in the mid 19th century, and now has spiritism39 representive countries.

Where it is Practiced: As mentioned, 39 countries officially represent it, but the countries where it is most practiced are Brazil, Phillipines, and the UK. Some others are the US, France, and Spain.

Beliefs: Spiritism uses a book similar to the bible called the Spiritist Codification. In it there are five books: The Spirits’ Book, which covers subjects like God, Religion, Society, Spirit, Universe, Man, etc.; The Mediums’ Book, which covers things like how to channel spirits, the process done by mediums, etc.; The Gospel According to Spiritism, which has comments on the gospels of the world, highlighting passages that have ethical things shared by all religions and philisophical systems; Heaven and Hell, which has interviews with dead people and trying to come up with a corrolation between Heaven and Hell; and the Genesis According to Spiritism, which shows how spiritists think the world started and such. People who study spiritism believe in God, spirits, Nature, reincarnation, ghosts, and aliens. They also have karma, which is similar to the karma used in Hinduism, and mediumship, people who communicate with spirits (or ghosts).

Practices: Spiritism is not actually seen as a religion by most of its followers, and actually more of a way of life. Therefore, it doesn’t require frequent adoration or masses that other religions need. Spiritists think their religion has three parts: science, philosophy, and religion. Spiritism does have orginization, though. There’s something like a church system for it in Canada, and these can have a local, regional, or national scope.

If you want to find out more about spiritism, I did my research from these places:,, and

For more information, you can also go to:



Happy Purim February 23, 2013

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Purim. It is a fun Jewish Holiday that begins tonight. It is a celebration of how many Jews were saved on this day, which in the Hebrew calendar is the 13th day of the Hebrew month of Adar.

The Story


The Story of Purim


The Purim celebration is based upon the biblical Book of Esther, which recounts the story of Queen Esther and how she saved the Jewish people from annihilation.

The story begins when King Ahasuerus commands his wife, Queen Vashti, to appear before him and his male guests at a party. She refuses and as a result King Ahasuerus decides to find another queen. His search begins with a royal beauty pageant. The most beautiful young women in the kingdom are brought before the king, and Esther, a young Jewish girl, is selected to be the new queen. Esther is portrayed as an orphan belonging to the tribe of Benjamin. She lives with her cousin Mordechai as a member of the Jewish exiles in Persia. At her cousin’s behest, Esther conceals her Jewish identity from the king.

Not long after Esther becomes queen, Mordechai offends the grand vizier, Haman, by refusing to bow down to him. Haman decides to punish not only Mordechai but all Jews for this slight. He informs King Ahasuerus that the Jews do not obey the king’s laws and that it would be in the kingdom’s best interest to get rid of them. He asks for permission to destroy them, which the king grants. Haman then orders the king’s officials to kill all the Jews – “young and old, women and children” – on the 13th day of the month of Adar (Esther 3:13).

When Mordechai learns of the plot he tears his clothes and sits in sackcloth and ash at the entrance to the city. When Esther learns of this, she orders one of her servants to find out what is troubling her cousin. The servant returns to Esther with a copy of the edict and instructions from Mordechai that she should beg the king for mercy on behalf of her people. This was not a simple request – at the time it had been thirty days since King Ahasuerus had summoned Esther and appearing before him without a summons was punishable by death. But Mordechai urges her to take action anyways, saying that perhaps she became queen so that she could save her people. Esther decides to fast before taking action and requests that her fellow Jews fast along with her.

After fasting for three days Esther puts on her finest clothes and appears before the king. He is pleased to see her and asks what she desires. She replies that she would like the king and Haman to join her at a banquet. Haman is delighted to hear this but is still so upset with Mordechai that he can’t stop thinking about it. His wife and friends tell him to impale Mordechai on a pole if it will make him feel better. Haman loves this idea and immediately has the pole set up. However, that night the king decides to honor Mordechai because earlier in the story Mordecai had uncovered a plot against the king. He commands Haman to put the king’s own robe on Mordecai and to take him around the city on the king’s horse while proclaiming, “This is what is done for the man the king delights to honor!” (Esther 6:11). Haman reluctantly obeys and soon afterward goes to Esther’s banquet.

At the banquet King Ahasuerus asks his wife again, what does she desire? She answers: “If I have found favor with you, Your Majesty, and if it pleases you, grant me my life—this is my petition. And spare my people—this is my request. For I and my people have been sold to be destroyed, killed and annihilated.” (Esther 7:3). The king is outraged that anyone would dare threaten his queen and when he asks who has done such a thing Esther declares that Haman is to blame. One of Esther’s servants then tells the king that Haman had erected a pole upon which he planned to impale Mordechai. King Ahasuerus commands that Haman instead be impaled. He then takes his signet ring from Haman and gives it to Mordechai. Mordechai is also given Haman’s estate and the king gives Esther the power to overturn Haman’s orders.

Esther issues an edict giving Jews in every city the right to assemble and protect themselves against anyone who may try to harm them. When the appointed day arrives, the Jews defend themselves against their attackers, killing and destroying them. According to the Book of Esther, this happened on the thirteenth day of Adar “and on the fourteenth [day] [the Jews] rested and made it a day of feasting and joy.” (Esther 9:18). Mordecai declares that the victory be remembered every year. The celebration is called Purim because Haman cast the “pur” (the lot) against the Jews, yet failed to destroy them.

The Celebration

  • Kids dress up
  • People eat hamentashan, a special type of cookie shaped like Haman’s hat
  • People read the megillah (which contains the Purim story above)
  • People perform a shpiel
  • Do other festive activities

Happy Purim to you all!

Happy Purim again,

Hallie, Bonsai Author




Insomnia February 18, 2013

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You toss and turn. Meh. You can’t sleep. Meh again! You just can’t have a good night’s rest. Insomnia is when you just can’t sleep. Its very annoying, and the next day you feel really rotten.

Insomnia can be caused:

-An over reactive mind

– Stress


-Current nightmares.

If you keep on thinking about that talent show that you entered,  while you are supposed sleep, no wonder why that keeps you awake.

If you have stress about that solo you are about to sing while you are supposed to sleep, that is stress, and that causes Insomnia. Not nice.

If you freak because of that shadow that lurks near your door, you have fear. That also causes Insomnia.

If you have the same nightmare over and over again while you sleep, I think everyone can understand you don’t want to be shipped over to Dream-World, or Nightmare-World.

Here are some tips to sleep away your Insomnia:

Crystals help with Insomnia. Here are a list of crystals that help:


Lapis Lazuli

Malachite (Its poisonous, so don’t make a gem elixir out of it, just put it under your pillow)








Iron Pyrite


Soothing music helps too. Put on lullabies (They are not only for babies!) or soothing bird songs.

Scent helps. Buy or make a lavender pouch to put next to you while you sleep.

If you are afraid of that big shadow that lurks near the door, you can always identity it in the day, so you can be sure that it is a shadow of the door and NOT a Dementor.

If you have current nightmares, you can go to a doctor, or talk to your parents. What helps is NOT running away from that ghoul in your nightmare, but turn and fight it.

If that Dementor keeps on haunting you in your dreams, turn and make a Patronus Charm. Or shout, ”RIDDICULUS” and turn it back into a Boggart.

If that crocodile threatens to eat you, YOU threaten to eat it.

If a bear keeps on chasing you, ask why it keeps on chasing you. And if it wants to play, PLAY with it. Or if wants to harm you, fight it.

But if the Devil comes to your dreams, say you prefer goodness over evil.

So here are tips!

I hope they will help you!



PSI Balls January 21, 2013

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PSI Balls

Hello my dear, earth-loving, well-living friends. This world contains some seriously fantastic things, including an amazing little (or not so little, very important, in fact) subject called PSI Balls. What is a PSI ball? It is an invisible sphere full of energy that you can fill with flavoring, healing, good wishes, luck, color, or whatever you would like. A PSI ball, though invisible, is easily sensed by feeling the air. It is a warm patch of air, sometimes smelling nice or making you feel amazing when you walk through it. PSI balls are a dangerous thing to leave around though. After a while you must destroy it, or it will be too much excess energy sitting around. This might even contribute to Global Warming.

Today I will tell you:

How to Make Them

How to Fill Them

How to Send Them


What to Do With Them

How to Make Them

Make a PSI ball by using these simple steps.

1. Close your eyes and rub your hands together.

Are they warm? Yes? Good. Continue.

2. Slowly move them apart. Do you feel a pulsing, tickling sensation? That is the energy. Move them back together, out, in, out in.

Do you still feel that tickling energy? Are your eyes still closed?

3. Move your hands up, down, and around. Imagine you are shaping a sphere out of clay. Once you are more advanced you can make a cube or cone. But stick to a sphere for now.

4. Keep your eyes closed, and in your mind picture a powerful, hot force of nature. Lightning. Fire. Something like that. Imagine energy flooding out of it in the form of bright white light. Imagine that energy flowing down your arms and filling your PSI ball with power.

5. Rub your hands gently and very quickly together just one more time, and do the finishing touches on your sphere.

Release it. Push it a little bit in front of you. Then feel the air in front of you. Is it warm? Good! Very good!

You have just made an unfilled, uncolored, unscented PSI ball. You can destroy it by clapping down on the warm space, which will shatter the energy.

How to Fill Them

Don’t you worry! Filling your PSI ball is easy. The most important thing to remember is never forget to use the natural source. Say you want to fill your PSI ball with the taste of mint. After imagining the natural force opening up and giving bright energy to your sphere, imagine a mint plant doing the same. This works with a scent, too, you just have to concentrate on your goal of being able to smell it instead of taste it.

Now, say you want to fill it with a blue color. You still won’t be able to see it, but if you give it to someone, they might know what color it is. Imagine, when you are shaping your sphere, that you have paint on your hands. In the color we have chosen for our example, blue. Imagine that the paint is getting all over the sphere and coloring it a bold, brilliant blue.

Filling it with a feeling is a tiny bit harder, because it will only work if you make it in the moment that the feeling is strongest. Let’s imagine your friend is sad and thinks she is good at nothing, because you won the talent show, and she got a rating of 1. You know she is great at lots of things, but how do you cheer her up? At the moment you win the talent show, when you are filled with pride and elation, that is when you must make your PSI ball. Concentrate on that energy, the natural source, but most of all, your overwhelming happiness and triumph. Then give it to her. It will give her some of that wonderful feeling and pick up her low mood.

You’re getting good at this now! Now is the time to fill it with good wishes and luck. Focus on great things happening, and say a sort of spell in your head.

Best wishes of luck, for me or my friend,

So we can have clear paths ahead ’til the end.

Think of the great things that will happen! Fill your PSI ball with the awesomeness! (but don’t forget the natural source, of course)

Filling your PSI ball with healing thoughts. This only works if it is a minor injury, or maybe if you or a friend is just sore. Pick your brains for the herb that would help her

most. Imagine your friend getting better, being well and energetic and able to play sports or dance or run or whatever. Focus VERY, VERY HARD. Good! I think you’ve got it.

How to Send Them

Guess what? You’ll be glad- sending a PSI ball is extremely easy! Let’s say I want to send a yummy, peach flavored PSI ball to Ruby. I sent her a lavender healing one earlier today. I’m going to keep her in mind the whole time, and when I release it into the air I’ll focus VERY VERY HARD on a picture of her in my mind. Then I’ll say, “RUBY!” and give it a stronger toss that usual out into the world. It will travel allllllll the way across the Earth. Then I will have to notify her that I sent her one and she will have to go searching for it.

What to Do With Them

There are all sorts of fantastic things you can do with your PSI ball. You can give yourself extra energy by swallowing it (in which case it always helps to flavor it)

You can leave it in a public place, around the area of a mid-size person’s head. This is a good deed for the world, especially if you feel it with a happy feeling , healing thoughts/herbs, or good wishes. Or a combination! Just make sure that if you leave it somewhere, come back to smash it in a day or two. Otherwise it will add more unnecessary heat to the earth. You can play PSI Hide and Seek. One person makes a PSI ball, hides it somewhere, and lets the others into the room. They feel around for it, and the person gives a prize or something to whoever is right. You can play a game with it, give it to someone and ask them to guess what flavor or color it is. You can make extra hot ones and position them around your feet or hands if you’re cold. Think of other things you can do with your PSI balls! You might even be able to bounce it!

Ceej, Vice President of Bonsai
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