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Insomnia February 18, 2013

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You toss and turn. Meh. You can’t sleep. Meh again! You just can’t have a good night’s rest. Insomnia is when you just can’t sleep. Its very annoying, and the next day you feel really rotten.

Insomnia can be caused:

-An over reactive mind

– Stress


-Current nightmares.

If you keep on thinking about that talent show that you entered,  while you are supposed sleep, no wonder why that keeps you awake.

If you have stress about that solo you are about to sing while you are supposed to sleep, that is stress, and that causes Insomnia. Not nice.

If you freak because of that shadow that lurks near your door, you have fear. That also causes Insomnia.

If you have the same nightmare over and over again while you sleep, I think everyone can understand you don’t want to be shipped over to Dream-World, or Nightmare-World.

Here are some tips to sleep away your Insomnia:

Crystals help with Insomnia. Here are a list of crystals that help:


Lapis Lazuli

Malachite (Its poisonous, so don’t make a gem elixir out of it, just put it under your pillow)








Iron Pyrite


Soothing music helps too. Put on lullabies (They are not only for babies!) or soothing bird songs.

Scent helps. Buy or make a lavender pouch to put next to you while you sleep.

If you are afraid of that big shadow that lurks near the door, you can always identity it in the day, so you can be sure that it is a shadow of the door and NOT a Dementor.

If you have current nightmares, you can go to a doctor, or talk to your parents. What helps is NOT running away from that ghoul in your nightmare, but turn and fight it.

If that Dementor keeps on haunting you in your dreams, turn and make a Patronus Charm. Or shout, ”RIDDICULUS” and turn it back into a Boggart.

If that crocodile threatens to eat you, YOU threaten to eat it.

If a bear keeps on chasing you, ask why it keeps on chasing you. And if it wants to play, PLAY with it. Or if wants to harm you, fight it.

But if the Devil comes to your dreams, say you prefer goodness over evil.

So here are tips!

I hope they will help you!



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