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Spotlight on Website: Greater Good January 12, 2014

Here’s a free website that allows you to help others, no account required. Greater Good is a site entirely dedicated to money donations for, well, the greater good. It sells fair trade items and donates percentages of your purchases to great causes. Each day they have a different project- today’s was getting 24 children to a hospital by way of donations and free-clicks-to-donate. In the past, Greater Good has done a lot of good with their clicks. Greater Good

Here are some of their click-to-donate successes.

They have:

  • provided 6 months of care to an orphaned moose
  • sent an orphan to school for 5 months
  • given a sea lion food for a month
  • matched 5 veterans with pets that will help them
  • fed 4,000 seniors
  • donated toys to children in the developing world
  • built ‘castles’ for shelter cats

And many more! Want to get in on the action? All you have to do is check out  Greater Good. It has many sub-sites such as The Hunger Site, The Literacy Site, The Animal Rescue Site and The Breast Cancer Site, all dedicated to the special causes that their names suggest.

With just one click, you can do things like:

  • give free food to an animal shelter
  • give a woman with breast cancer a mammogram
  • donate a book to a child in need
  • fight hunger and poverty every day
  • save land in a forest
  • help wildlife

And it’s freeAll you have to do is click a simple button. I love free click websites, because it’s so easy and you can do it every day. Free clicks are a great way to help whatever cause you want, like breast cancer help, encouraging literacy, or feeding the homeless. I have enormous respect for the donors who give the food/books/mammograms/etc when anyone clicks.

You can also sign up for a daily reminder. Each day, they will send you a email telling you to click the free buttons.

Don’t forget to click at as well! We’ve made a previous post about it.



Anti-Rape Wear Project November 4, 2013

Rape and harassment are very big problems in modern day. Sadly, it’s improbable that this kind of assault will be fully eradicated, so it’s very important to make sure that people feel safe when they leave their houses or go out in public. There is a project going on to create anti-rape wear- confidence and protection that can be worn. The product currently has prototypes of three varieties: spandex-like/running shorts that can be worn freely or hidden under clothing, cropped leggings, and khaki-style shorts. The material is cut and tear resistant, and the button that holds them on only comes open by a special doe that is easy for the person to remember, but not for a potential rapist. Only the person wearing it can take it off.   As you know, rape is a very big issue that centers around misogyny and women’s (and men’s) need for rights to their own body. You can watch the video on how it works here:
This project needs $50,000 by November 22, otherwise it will be shut down and the products will not be created. We need your help- the link shown above also has places to donate. Please signal boost this. Everyone has the right to protect themselves from inappropriate advances.

Shark Finning- The Cruel Industry August 19, 2013

Shark finning is a disgusting way of gathering food, and sadly, it is on the rise. Fishermen will catch a shark, remove all fins for consumption and trading, and throw the shark back into the ocean, dismembered and traumatized. The shark, without its fins, can hardly swim and will sink to the bottom, starve to death, or be attacked by another animal. This is not the natural cycle. It is not the way sharks were meant to live, and most certainly not the way sharks were meant to die. Many people enjoying their shark fin soup are not even aware of the inhumane practices that go into it. According to the Endangered Shark Database, more than 1/4 of all sharks are being commercially exploited, and their survival in the long-term is doubtful. 

English: NOAA agent counting confiscated shark...



You can help. We here at Bonsai never underestimate the power of a good petition, and in this case, we’ve got plenty for you. You too can add your virtual signature and join the movement to stop shark finning. A large masterlist of petitions can be found at, and the rest of the website is helpful and fascinating as well. Shark finning is an abusive practice that harms many sharks, including endangered ones, the species of whom are already in danger. You can help spread awareness about shark finning in your community, there are many ways. First of all, you can immediately strike interest in people who have been blind to the practices before whenever you are confronted with shark fin soup. Refusing to eat it and asking others to is a small, but effective way to help. says, “If local communities realise that they can make more money by conserving sharks than by killing them, then we will ensure the survival of sharks. If you are considering a holiday in a location where there are sharks, you might want to go shark diving. This is a source of income for communities that encourages shark conservation.”




Ocean activities are a large tourist attraction that won’t harm the wildlife. Speak to restaurants offering shark fin soup or marketplaces allowing it to be sold and tell them how it is harming the ecosystem and our oceans. Check out the rest of the Stop Shark Finning webpage for other ideas, if you’re wondering what to do. Together, we can get ban shark finning in as many places as possible, and save the sharks.

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Success! P.A.L.S. Course Won’t Hurt Cats June 4, 2013

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Washington University used to use live cats and other animals as part of their testing for the Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) course, but thanks to the efforts of petitioners, they will no longer torture the cats. Thanks to the person who started the petition. I signed it, but was surprised to find it had gotten that far; I’m so glad it did! They’ve stated that this is a permanent change for PALS. However, it’s still unknown whether the rest of the courses will follow in their footsteps and put an end to animals cruelty at Wash. U forever. Way to go, PALS, you’re making the right choice.


Spotlight on Website: Care2 March 6, 2013

Sorry I haven’t been posting these! I always forget which week it is. Anyway, today I’m going to share a website I think you should all join:

Care2 makes a really big difference. If you check the homepage and scroll down a bit, you can see their most recent successes- they’ve gotten congress to pass an act about violence against women, canceled the oil drilling plans of a major company, and gotten Obama to talk to the Supreme Court about gay marriage. They’re really making the world a better place, and you can easily help them!
Here are some of the cool things you can do on Care2…

Sign and start petitions
Post entries and news stories
Discuss with the community
Send free ecards
Click to donate
Redeem ‘butterfly credits’

One of the great things about Care2 is that everything I mentioned above is completely free! When you click to donate, sponsors are notified of your clicking and they will put in the money for you to save big cats, give food to a needy child, support wolves, or whatever section of the site you click on. With 11 or 12 categories you can click on once a day, you can make a difference that grows with each click. I’ve only been clicking for 6 or 7 days and already, I’ve:
Supported 7 days of child sponsorship
Preserved 51.8 square feet of rainforest
Protected 2 acres of large cat habitat
Protected 700 square feet of ocean
Donated 6 meals for rescued primates
Offset 6 days of computer energy use (offsetting reduces the energy, so offsetting a day’s computer use is like not using the computer at all)
Supported 6 days of wolf adoption
And more!

Look what you can do by simply clicking a button every day! Forgot? You can sign up for an email that reminds you. It only takes about five-ten minutes to start making an impact.

Petitions and clicks aren’t all Care2 does, however. They alert you of big news stories, and even more important, smaller ones you may not have known of. They also give you other ways to take action and links to projects. Taking action on Care2, like participating on the petition site or discussion boards, results in points they call butterfly credits. You can use butterfly credits to buy gifts for the world- completely free! All the paying is done by sponsors. From the time they began, as a community, the Care2 members have:
Offset 58,229 pounds of carbon
Provided 40,739 days of safe water for poor people
Given 6,138 weeks of clean cooking
Planted 24,883 trees
Given snacks to 6,714 seals
And a whole lot more. This is just the first page of things.
Care2 TreesThere’s a sale on trees- only half the number of credits!

This summer I am starting a project I want you all to be part of. I want to plant as many trees as possible, as a collective online community. And Care2 butterfly donations will count! This project isn’t starting until this summer so remember to follow us and you will be notified immediately of when your tree donations will count.

Please, pretty pretty please join Care2, because it makes a huge difference.
Ceej, Vice President of Bonsai


Tell London- All Foxes Shouldn’t Pay for One Attack! March 3, 2013

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After four-week-old Denny Dolan was attacked by a fox that entered his home through an open back door, London’s Mayor, Boris Johnson, has urged a fox cull. Johnson said, “We face a growing problem with our urban fox population. Personally I wouldn’t rule anything in or out but ultimately this is a matter on which the boroughs must take the lead. Pest control falls to them. Attacks like that on this little boy thankfully are rare but foxes are a growing menace. Borough leaders need to look carefully at the facts and work together to respond.” According to, a spokeswoman for the council said it had no plans at present to begin a cull. However, they will need urging by the community as to the true causes of this tragedy. Foxes are not such a growing problem as is the responsibility of parents in a community. Knowing there are predatory animals in the area, parents should be advised to keep doors shut and keep a four-week-old baby in a crib, which is common sense. All foxes are not to blame for inadequate child safety and the actions of one fox. Murdering as many foxes as possible for the actions of one is wrong, and we need to tell London’s mayor that it isn’t the right way to deal with this situation. Tell Boris Johnson that culling foxes is wrong.

Signing is free.

Ceej, Vice President of Bonsai


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