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Could It Possibly Be? August 26, 2013

After paper is made, there is left over wood pulp that has been sheared off so the surface of the sheet is smooth and able to be written on or ran through a printer. Once this pulp is gone it cannot be reused, as it is already dried and would not work properly if re-wet.
Where does it go, exactly? Wouldn’t you love to know – wait…promise you won’t hate me. This surplus of wood pulp goes into your food, that’s what. Can you believe it? No?
Well, you will.
McDonald’s McFlurries: (By the way , note how they do not say ‘McShake’s’ or something equally corny. Why, you dare to ask? Because it is not real milk. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg.) They are thick, creamy, delicious goblets of liquidated heaven, with maybe a few OreoTM bits stirred in. Or, that’s what they want you to think. In reality, you are so eagerly slurping up wood. Cellulose, one of the key compotes produced and inside wood, thickens food and gives it the texture similar to what flour or oil would provide. Some absolute genius discovered this, and now the cheapskate fast food restaurants are thinking…’JACKPOT!’ And not just restaurants… but companies as well. They have gone to the dark side.
Kraft Bagel-Fuls
Aunt Jemima’s ‘home made’ Maple Syrup
Processed Cheese
Guess what one organic ingredient these have in common? (HINT: …cellulose….)
Surprise! I think I ruined somebody’s happy illusion of delicious fast food. And I’m sorry, if that indeed is the case. But you people need to know what you’re really eating. If the human body ingests cellulose, it is completely indigestible. Instead, it sloshes around your stomach for a while until your body decides to get rid of it (don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about)
How disgusting is that?!
Well, happy fast-food eating! BEWARE THE EXCESS WOOD PULP!


Oh, Fun Fact Of The Day! Some loaves of bread have equal wood concent of the (yep! you guessed it!) wooden cutting board they may be sitting on.


Grow Your Own Veggie Garden February 18, 2013

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Maybe you have enough of going to that supermarket to buy herbs to flavour your food. And yes, it costs money. And they have pesticides. And you eat these herbs with pesticides. That is WAY too gross! So, why not grow your OWN herbs? Ones with no pesticides? And no expensive Dollars/Euro,Yen ETC to pay for? Well, you got it. Here are some plant tips:

Plants need light. So place them in places were there is enough light for them to prosper.Plants need good soil. Good soil should give grip to the roots, prevents water draining away (That is wasted water, also not good!) and is filled with nutrients. 

Plants need water. Some need less water than others, so check on the seed pack when you buy seeds for planting to see how much water they need.

Some plants need support for growing. If you are going to plant tomatoes, you should add a firm stick as soon as they start growing thin and tall.

SOP: Save Our Plants

Protection. Some bugs have the sweet tooth for some plants, and love to eat them. So if your plants are bothered by aphids, a common nasty surprise for both plants and humans, it’s a wise decision to add Ladybirds on these plants, because aphids are lunch for Ladybirds. Birds help too, and strong scented herbs help make the pests pack their bags and leave too.

If you want to protect young plants from slugs and snails (I had that problem too) put them on a table top.  If you plant fruit, use netting to protect the fruit from birds.


Plants need to grow somewhere. Often we chose pots.  You can use pots, containers, and bins.


Labels are very handy. You can know which plant is which, so you don’t put nettle on your food instead of basil. (Ouch!)

So here are your plant tips!

If you have any questions about plants, EG, ”Where do I grow tomatoes?” Comment below! I will answer, and the Bonsai Staff!

Ruby, Administrator of Bonsai



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