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Instruments Made From Trash May 28, 2013

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Reusing is a great thing to do. It saves a lot of garbage and can be used for really fun purposes. Reusing items is a great thing to do and I have an example.

At my school, the first graders do an annual event where they create instruments using only garbage. I think this is a really great idea, for fun and for eco-friendliness. The event is done in first grade, but that didn’t stop me from using this idea to create instruments from garbage at home. I really enjoy doing it. Some of these instruments can be simple, others can be really sophisticated. No matter how you make your instrument, it is really fun to make it and play on it. I’m now going to show off some really cool instruments from Google images!





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Mining in Northern Wisconsin: Stop it Now! March 28, 2013

Wisconsin has been the home of many strong mining laws, but now, the governor Scott Walker wants to weaken these and begin mining in Northern Wisconsin. We will get some important metals, but we will also hurt the environment in a terrible way. The company that wants to mine there is one that recently mined in Illinois, and still isn’t complying to picking up its waste that it left behind. Sign a petition to stop this here:

We just need close to 300 more!

Look at the beauty that could be ruined in northern Wisconsin:


Ways to Prevent Global Warming February 16, 2013

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Global Warming is a very important issue currently. Take polar bears as an example. Polar bears can’t live without the snow and ice, so they’ll very much suffer if we can’t stop global warming soon enough. There are many ways YOU can prevent global warming, just wait and see.

Plant trees. Carbon dioxide is the most important gas to plants. When you decrease the level of carbon dioxide in the environment reduces the global warming effect caused by what causes carbon dioxide.

Try not to use fuel. Use less energy, or try not to pollute the Earth. Burning fuel increases the amount on greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide in the world.

Reduce. Throwing garbage out causes a lot of global warming. Things that are found in nature, can be thrown onto the ground and will eventually decompose, which can prevent global warming.

Recycle. Recycled items take far less energy to produce new items than items produced from scratch.

Reuse. By reusing items, you are saving a lot of energy as well as getting new enjoyment.

Conserving water. Saving water saves a significant amount of energy. Distributing water takes up a lot of energy, which sadly can’t be helped very much. At home, turn off the faucet immediately after you’re done using it. You may not realize it, but that also helps prevent global warming.

Global warming is a serious issue right now, and I hope this post inspired you to try to help prevent it.


Cans on the ground; why? January 22, 2013

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I walk past a nice green bush. And, I scowl. Why?

There is a  can  on the ground. Yes, a drink can. And a paper  wrapper.  That is not good .  It makes pollution! Nice or not nice? Not nice! If people keep on throwing trash on the ground, the world will become one big trash can! 😦   And if that garbage can   is filled? Easy. Find an other one.

Cans and plastic wrappers and junk go in the garbage can. Or best, RECYCLE. :)

Hope you take heed of this and…..GO GREEN!

Ruby, president of Bonsai


How to Go Green January 21, 2013

I am going to tell you how to go green. Follow these simple steps and enjoy being green!

DON’T use plastic.
Try NOT to use water often. Don’t drain the earth.
Recycle. Recycling is a GREAT way to help the earth.
Don’t litter the earth.
Plant LOTS of plants. They help with making oxygen.
DON’T make global warming!
Thank you for reading!

Ruby, President of Bonsai
Go Green or Go Home


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