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Two Incredible Tricks to Save Energy June 7, 2013

Wasting energy harms the atmosphere and increases your carbon footprint. When you waste water, not only are you contributing to the shortage, you’re also getting rid of energy that’s used to transport the water to your home, so it’s a doubly heinous crime. And I hate to remind all you homeowners of it, but I’m pretty sure the electricity bill doesn’t pay itself!


Rapid Wash Cycle

If your washing machine has a ‘rapid wash’ setting, use that instead. As the name suggests, it will be faster, and it will save energy.


Save Water

Replace the water in the back tank of your toilet with a filled water bottle or a brick. You’ll save so much water. I’m not sure of the science behind this, but I think it may be there just to weigh down the toilet, so a heavy item will be just fine.


I hope you enjoy conserving amazing amounts of energy. It’s your duty.



Canada’s Wildlife Area Safe- For Now May 4, 2013

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TRTL Breaking Ground - David Hassan, Cenovus E...


Cenovus Energy, an energy company in Canada, suggested to the government a plan of drilling 1,275 gas wells in a national wildlife area, which would double the number that was there before, and of course double the environmental impact. Thankfully, the environment minister of Alberta vetoed the proposal, saying that the impact would be too negative to proceed with the plan. The Minister, Peter Kent, declared that the government was strengthening environmental protection and working on plans for wildlife recovery. He also said, “There would be significant disruption, I think, even with a new proposal.”


He said this in response to Cenovus’ new plea for a revised suggestion, and made the eco-lovers proud when he did so. Opposing people were not impressed, but he didn’t waver under their criticism. He also announced new plans for reduced C02 emission from vehicles, which wasn’t a popular idea with environmental critics. The Alberta Wilderness association and various environmentalists around the country- and the neighboring countries- are very proud of him for sticking with the welfare of flora and fauna and not only worrying about reputation or economy and production. However, government tends to think about government more than the environment- which is what’s really important. Canada’s wildlife area is safe for now, but when plans like the oil drilling one by Cenovus rest in the hands of politicians, the environment is always in jeopardy.






Saving Energy February 21, 2013

Hi all! You know how I’m in southern California? Well, the hotel that I’m staying at is like a bunch of other hotels making an effort to go greener.
  ~ The hotel gives you an option of changing the sheets every day, but they usually only change sheets every 3 days.
  ~ They give you an option of reusing your towels. However, if you want new towels, all you have to do is place the dirty ones on the floor.

Let’s all try to stay at hotels that are making an effort to go green!

Nik, Author at Bonsai


Local Pollution February 20, 2013

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Hi everyone! I recently travelled to southern California, and found myself frowning as I looked past the city at the beautiful landscape. You could hardly make out the lovely cacti and strange rocks, for there was a large, grey cloud hanging around. At first, since where I live there is nothing like this, I was expecting it to rain. However, I soon realized that the cloud was, indeed, smog. When I went closer, I could tell that the smog was pollution on account of its smell. When I breathed it in, it irritated my lungs and made me cough.

Let’s keep our world clean and smog-free by using cars as little as possible and buying your foods locally.

Nik, Author at Bonsai


The Great Pacific Garbage Patch February 18, 2013

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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a patch in the pacific ocean that is filled with garbage. All the things we don’t recycle, but don’t have anywhere to go, were just thrown into the ocean. Apparently, the ocean would “swallow” it up, and nothing bad would come of it. This isn’t true.
By this mistake, we have killed hundreds of fish, ruined beautiful sea life and habitats, and poisoned water that we may need one dat. We have killed birds, and the ozone. Most of all, we have scarred this beautiful earth we call home. Please try to stop using garbage so that our home can stay a happy, healthy place to live in. If you do have plastic, check to see what kind it is before throwing it away, in case you can recycle it!

Mary, Author on Bonsai


Trees and Us February 17, 2013

Zoooooom. A tree chopper is chopping a tree off. Crash. The tree falls. That is not good.

Trees purify the air, and if we chop all of them, our planet’s air will be rather filthy. Yuck!  Trees are already being chopped, but you can help. The way how you can help is planting trees, even if its a tiny Bonsai Tree.

Plants also help purify the air too. Even some house plants. Buy some plants, and plant them inside and outside your house. They will make the air much better.

Go Green!

Ruby, President of Bonsai


Ways to Prevent Global Warming February 16, 2013

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Global Warming is a very important issue currently. Take polar bears as an example. Polar bears can’t live without the snow and ice, so they’ll very much suffer if we can’t stop global warming soon enough. There are many ways YOU can prevent global warming, just wait and see.

Plant trees. Carbon dioxide is the most important gas to plants. When you decrease the level of carbon dioxide in the environment reduces the global warming effect caused by what causes carbon dioxide.

Try not to use fuel. Use less energy, or try not to pollute the Earth. Burning fuel increases the amount on greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide in the world.

Reduce. Throwing garbage out causes a lot of global warming. Things that are found in nature, can be thrown onto the ground and will eventually decompose, which can prevent global warming.

Recycle. Recycled items take far less energy to produce new items than items produced from scratch.

Reuse. By reusing items, you are saving a lot of energy as well as getting new enjoyment.

Conserving water. Saving water saves a significant amount of energy. Distributing water takes up a lot of energy, which sadly can’t be helped very much. At home, turn off the faucet immediately after you’re done using it. You may not realize it, but that also helps prevent global warming.

Global warming is a serious issue right now, and I hope this post inspired you to try to help prevent it.


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