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Not So Vegetarian After All: Animal Traces in Seemingly Meatless Food July 2, 2013

I recently converted back to an all-vegetarian lifestyle, and I’m even eating vegan most days. However, we all could be eating food made with some disgusting ingredients taken from animals, without our knowing it! Things like gelatin and cochineal are hidden in our day-to-day snacks, right under our noses. If you are vegetarian or vegan, you should educate yourself very well on hidden dead animals in your  cake or hot sauce. Yes, you read that right- cake and hot sauce. Here, from Buzzfeed Food, are 9 Surprising Things That Might Not Be Vegetarian.

Not So Vegetarian After All

Why is this such a big problem, not only for non-animal eaters, but for omnivores as well? Food companies are concealing things from us, cheating us out of a lifestyle that many of us go to large lengths to preserve.  And even if you’re alright with an occasional tuna salad sandwich, I’m not sure how much you’d enjoy a fish’s bladder in your alcohol, crushed bones in your sugar, or intestines in your cheese. (Don’t forget the beetles in your Swedish Fish.) Have you lost your appetite yet? 


And what about people who are allergic to these hidden ingredients? Not only will they have a reaction, it might be confusing to bystanders who don’t know what’s really in the food the allergic person just ate. I’d also like to point out that eating cheese lined with intestines isn’t exactly what you’d call a gourmet meal. It’s dangerous, it’s gross, and it’s hiding information that the public deserves to know.


Not only is it revolting to think of such unseemly parts in your food, it’s ruining vegan and vegetarian meals for anyone who buys it. Always check the ingredients before buying.


For Your Reference:

Vegan Brands by PETAKiDs

Bone Char Sugar by Vegan Products Guide

Vegan Alcohol by Barnivore




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