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Spotlight on Website: Common Dreams May 5, 2013

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Oh my gosh. It has been so long. I’m sorry for depriving you all of your spotlights! This was supposed to be a weekly thing, and then it turned into…

Well. is a non-profit newscenter lot like Bonsai in the way that it wants to take steps towards ‘building a progressive community’, as stated on the homepage. The authors  write articles about hot topics and share facts and opinions about what’s going on today in the world. While I may not share their opinions all the time, the Bonsai staff members, and everyone, are all entitled to their own opinion, and what makes our community so great is that we all accept each other and make compromises. This is definitely one of the big parts of building a progressive community- accepting others and being open minded. Common Dreams defines the news it puts out as being dependable, something you can rely on every day. It’s certainly interesting, and it gives insight into topics that you might not know very much about.


Common Dreams

You can find out more about Common Dreams at or simply

Let’s all educate ourselves and work together and build a progressive world community.



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