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Canada’s Wildlife Area Safe- For Now May 4, 2013

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Cenovus Energy, an energy company in Canada, suggested to the government a plan of drilling 1,275 gas wells in a national wildlife area, which would double the number that was there before, and of course double the environmental impact. Thankfully, the environment minister of Alberta vetoed the proposal, saying that the impact would be too negative to proceed with the plan. The Minister, Peter Kent, declared that the government was strengthening environmental protection and working on plans for wildlife recovery. He also said, “There would be significant disruption, I think, even with a new proposal.”


He said this in response to Cenovus’ new plea for a revised suggestion, and made the eco-lovers proud when he did so. Opposing people were not impressed, but he didn’t waver under their criticism. He also announced new plans for reduced C02 emission from vehicles, which wasn’t a popular idea with environmental critics. The Alberta Wilderness association and various environmentalists around the country- and the neighboring countries- are very proud of him for sticking with the welfare of flora and fauna and not only worrying about reputation or economy and production. However, government tends to think about government more than the environment- which is what’s really important. Canada’s wildlife area is safe for now, but when plans like the oil drilling one by Cenovus rest in the hands of politicians, the environment is always in jeopardy.






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