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Boston Marathon Tragedy April 16, 2013

While people were waiting for marathon runners to cross the finish line, a bomb exploded on the street. The force was so strong that it blast people into the air and blew off limbs. Police immediately warned everyone to stay back, but another bomb went off. Three have been reported dead and at least 98 were injured, according to reports from hospitals around the scene. Officials believe this was the work of terrorists, but whether a group or single, foreign or domestic, they don’t know. No arrests have been made, but investigations are going strong.

A tragic event like this shouldn’t be happening. Life is too fragile, too short. One man was going to propose to his girlfriend as she passed the finish line, but she passed away. Now he never will get to see her again. Most of us will never experience such a tragic event in our lifetime, so realize how lucky you are. Support all those affected by the Boston tragedy- write Boston or Boston Marathon on your wrists. It’s not much, but it’s something, and something bigger is going to come.

We need to take a stand against violence. In the next few days, I plan to start a petition, rally some friends and community service representatives at school, and do something. Attacks and violence have gone on too long. Share your thoughts and caring in the comment box below.

It’s not much, but it’s something. And life isn’t long, but it’s important.

I’ve reached a breaking point. America can’t sit back and watch through Connecticut, Boston, and the thousands of unknown crimes that are committed each day.

It needs to stop.



5 Responses to “Boston Marathon Tragedy”

  1. No Name Says:

    i totally agree, this is so sad. But it’s also sad that this happens ALL THE TIME in places such as the Middle East, and no one starts a whole thing about it. I think there should be equality for all.

  2. Julia Says:

    I completely, utterly agree.
    I made a post about this on NM too.

  3. kaiawillis Says:

    It was 140 people. I read it in the newspaper today. And also, you can put a purple infinity sign on your wrist, and wear purple.

  4. Mary Says:

    Someone from my school’s mom was there, and so was she. Thankfully, her mom finished fifteen minutes before the bombs went off and the family wasn’t injured.

  5. mochi Says:

    Mary, I’m so glad they weren’t hurt.
    No Name: I completely agree. This is why I just have to do something. We can’t let things like this happen. We can’t let things bigger, or smaller than this happen. It has to stop. And it will. And I will help stop it.

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