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Pros of Immigration April 15, 2013

Disclaimer: these are the views of one Bonsai staff member, not all of them, and not the blog. They are not expected or required to share the views of other members. If they do, fantastic, if they don’t, fantastic. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I wrote this for a Social Studies debate. 🙂

Without immigration, America would not have come as far as it has today, for America is a country of immigrants, and each has a culture to share, a story to tell. Native Americans first owned the land, but when immigrants came, cultural exchange flourished. America would not carry such a rich ‘melting pot’ culture if not for immigrants.

Furthermore, it can help with population distribution. Immigrants may move to an area of the country that is small and lacking in economic growth. Their cultural experience from their former country can add new and innovative ways to build economic growth and add culture to the small place.

the Border

The Border

There are more people to pay for goods and services when one lives in an immigrant country. Something sold to Americans may be seen as ‘old’, but in a different country, it could be the coolest thing, and so sellers may still make a profit out of it. Immigration also provides a larger workforce, which can fill the necessary jobs others find undesirable. More people are paying taxes, which gives the government a larger budget for their projects.

Legal immigration has a very good impact on the receiving society, as well as the people coming from their old country to start a new life.



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