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De-Extinction April 29, 2013

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Since the beginning of all species, it is estimated that between one and four billion animal species have been driven to extinction. Some were destroyed by natural causes, such as the disasters, but others were hunted off and killed by humans. In fact, there are only six species of rhinos alive today, and one is nearly extinct.

Something has been discovered that can change all that, though. The Long Now foundation has genetic samples of extinct animals that they believe can be brought back from the dead, and once again be alive! The steps to this are difficult. Beth Shapiro, a scientist studying ancient DNA, explains them in simplified steps and talks about the challenges of de-extinction.

This idea is certainly exciting, but is it what we should be focusing on now? This technology could be used to fix other problems going on in the world, so why this, and why now? I also watched part of a talk from an environmental standpoint, which I was sadly unable to find on YouTube.

The speaker touched upon a couple of points and quetions:

  • Is this the most important thing to spend money on?
  • Will de-extinction undermine the conservation of endangered species today?
  • Is it even possible?
  • Technology like this could be used to fix other problems. (But will it?)


I hope this post leaves you with lots to think about. Please share your opinions below- I’d love to discuss with anybody interested! For more information, go to





Animal Testing: Why It Has To Stop April 25, 2013

The Basics:

If you didn’t know, animal testing is when companies test their products on animals to see if they are safe or not to use on humans. For example, some shampoo companies might shampoo the animals to make sure that the substance doesn’t hurt/kill the animals. This puts the animal’s lives at risk, and 92% of the tests that worked on animals failed on humans, which means that animal testing is basically useless, anyway. 50% of the animals used in these useless tests die after three weeks of the initial experiment. Animal testing is a horrible thing, and it needs to be stopped.

Why Animal Test?:

Companies do animal testing just to prove they tested it on something. If they get bad results, according to PETA (which is a biased source, but still), might still put out the product and simply say that it was tested, so therefore it is safe. Testing things gives the company proof that their product is “safe” and they made sure of it. If you look on a bottle and it says it was tested, does it say if the test results came out positive? Did it say who — or what — it was tested on? No. Companies animal test because they want to make a good name for themselves, even if they’re just tricking us. Of course, there are a lot of companies that don’t do animal testing at all, and those are the ones you should try to look out for and buy, if possible.


Which Companies Actually Animal Test?

There are a lot of companies that animal test, and here are a few:

  • Avon Products Inc.
  • Burt’s Bees
  • Chanel Inc.
  • Clorox
  • CoverGirl
  • Hill’s Pet Nutrition
  • Mary Kay Cosmetics
  • Olay Co.
  • Scott Paper
  • Sarah Lee
  • Suave


How Do We Stop Animal Testing?
There are several ways to stop animal testing. The first — and most obvious — way to stop it is to avoid buying products manufactured by these companies and more. If you’re really serious about stopping it, I would suggest researching it further so that you can be sure when you are buying something that has the potential of being created by a company that preforms animal testing. If you really, really like the companies that do the animal testing (say I really, really like Mary Kay Cosmetics and will never ever find something as great as that), you could try writing a letter to the offending company and see if they reply. You could get them to stop that way. If you want to do it the other way, you could try to find alternatives to the things you like made by companies that don’t do animal testing and write letters/emails telling them how you came across that product and that you’re really glad that they don’t animal test.


I hope this article made you think about the wrongs animal testing does and try to stop the horrors of animal testing!


Earth Day Crafts and Activities April 22, 2013

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The Earth flag is not an official flag, since ...

I searched around until I found a couple gigantic lists of things to do for Earth Day! At my school, we’re planting some things to take home and making recycled bracelets. If any of you fabulous followers are parents, I’m sure your kids would love these fun activities that can teach them the importance of recycling.


There are many activities you can do. I hope you enjoy 

Happy Earth Day, you all!



Earth Day Challenges April 21, 2013

Happy Earth Day! As we all know (or as I should hope every eco-lover knows) Earth Day is coming up,  and I have some challenges for our lovely readers! (By the way, if you were to help us get more by sharing the blog with friends and on social sites, we’d be ever so grateful! 🙂 ) Choose what you want to do, or even combine challenges for a bigger impact!




WindmillsEnergy Conservation


What if you didn’t turn on any lights, all day? You’d save tons of energy. Also, flicking a light on and off once wastes more energy than people on average use in a day.  






Waste Not, Want Not

Trash Recycling with Disposal Containers



You could also celebrate Earth Day by not throwing anything away. This doesn’t mean littering, of course! Recycle everything you can, and take your food in small portions to make sure you waste what you can’t. If there are compost piles at your house, school, or work, put your natural items there.




Ditch the Meat


Eating vegetarian or vegan for just a day will make all sorts of impacts.


Isn’t it crazy that if everyone in the USA ate vegetarian for a day, we could do that much? Imagine what good the people who are vegan and vegetarian every day are doing! Not only are they taking a stand for animals, they’re helping the Earth at the same time. I’m a flexitarian, meaning I eat white meats like fish and poultry, but I prefer not to. Only since I eat such an imbalanced diet, I need meat for protein. I could definitely go a day without meat (or any animal products) though!




A Couple Very Easy Things You Can Do


  • Bring a reusable water to school or work.
  • Open your windows to let in natural light.
  • Use Goodsearch instead of Google.
  • Take a shower instead of a bath to conserve water.
  • Switch your lights to fluorescent bulbs if you haven’t already- they use just 1/4 of the energy a regular bulb does.
  • Turn down the light on your computer monitor and put it into energy-saving mode




There’s more to come for Earth Day! Hope you all have a great one! Comment and tell me about your Earth Day plans.




We Want Your Opinions! April 19, 2013

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This is a more specific version of our feedback page. We would absolutely love if everyone filled this out so we could cater to your interests and show you more about the causes you care about! You can list topics we haven’t covered as well and tell us which ones you want to read about.

The other feedback page you can find at:

We crave your opinions and absolutely love hearing from readers. Please give us all your suggestions!






Tragedy at Boston Marathon – Could it be prevented? April 17, 2013

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Could the Boston Marathon bombings have been prevented with drones? In this day and age, many people are desperate to find some sort of solution. Will this undermine the rights of people? What do you think the pros and cons of a solution like this are? Just hit ‘add a comment’ and share your thoughts below!


Accept and Conquer: Stop the Bullies

BULLYING: PRESENT PARTICIPLE OF BULLY. VERB: To use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants.

BULLY: NOUN: 1. A person who uses strength or power to intimidate those who are weaker. 2. Corned beef. 

I think we’re all aware of what bullying is. Bullying is picking on that kid who’s different than everyone else. Bullying is whispering behind the loser’s back. Bullying is making someone hurt inside. Bullying is causing someone to cry themselves to sleep every night. And most of all — bullying is mean. Wrong. Terrible. There is a whole mound of adjectives I could use to describe bullying. And let’s face reality: bullying exists. Bullying may always exist, and it probably always has existed. But the thing is, bullying isn’t okay. Just because a lot of people do it will never make it okay.

Why Do Bullies Bully People?

Only bullies can really, truly answer this. Guidance counselors throw around things like, “They feel alone, or they feel terrible, and they need to get their feelings out.” That’s probably true. People aren’t born mean (unless your name is Tom Riddle), and they don’t wake up every morning only thinking about all the people they could torture and how many people they’re going to force to give them whatever they want (again, this is only true if your name is Tom Riddle). They might wake up feeling terrible, and they might need to take that terrible feeling out on somebody who they wish they could be, or who they’re jealous of, or who they genuinely don’t like because they annoy them. The latter is the worst reason, and you should just ignore them or try to show them who you really are because if they can’t see that you’re amazing just the way you are (to quote Bruno Mars), they need glasses or contacts.

What are Some Types/Forms of Bullying?

I think we all know a lot of the types of bullying — we’ve been hearing about them all of our lives. There are name-callers, weight-teasers, sexual-orientation-make-fun-of-ers, cyberbullies, family-bullies, disability-meanies, and the like. But it really all comes down to this: all the different people in the world (which is weird because nobody is exactly the same as everybody else) will experience some kind of bullying. Forms of bullying can include hitting and kicking (physical), name-calling and teasing (verbal), in a note (written), or on the internet (cyber).


Why do People Get Bullied?

Well, I guess I kind of already touched on that in the last heading, because I talk a lot and sometimes the things that I say don’t sound right all next to each other. So, anyway, why do people get bullied?  Well, like I said, people get bullied because they’re different. They get bullied because their hair is a different color or their humor is a little different or their voice is too high or too low or their religion is different or uncommon or their sexual preference is difference or their weigh too much or too little. People get bullied because who they are is not widely accepted by society, because they are part of the minority in some way. This is not okay, because, as you may know, people in the minorities tend to be quite awesome because they have a different perspective on life or they have experienced different things that not everybody has that makes them a better person.


Can We Stop Bullying?

Some people say, no, we can’t stop bullying. Bullies are everywhere. There are bullies in the workplace, bullies in the senior center, bullies in the daycare, bullies on the internet, bullies at school, bullies at stores and restaurants, and bullies everywhere else. They say human nature will not change, and that nothing, no prevention, nothing, can stop bullies. But did you know that 1 in 12 teens attempt suicide? Did you know that depression rates have tripled in people 12-15 years old? Don’t you think that that’s terrible? Don’t you think that that can be, if not totally stopped, at least lessened a little? If bullying has always been here, than why did depression rates triple, why are suicidal attempts so high? Bullying is serious.


How do We Stop Bullying?

Raise awareness. Support people. Don’t bully. Use bystander power. Go to adults. Stand up for yourself. Help pass laws against bullying. Think about what you say before you say it. Whatever you can think of, do it! And if you’re being bullied and are contemplating suicide or self-harm or anything like that, tell someone. Tell someone. Don’t let it slide. Don’t let yourself slide into depression. Call a suicide hotline. Go to a support group. Tell your parents or a teacher. Stand up for yourself. Do something.


I recently watched a movie called Cyberbully in my Computers class at school, and it was touching and sad. You can read about it in the Wikipedia article supplied by the link. It does contain minor spoilers, but it is such a sad movie that I cried. I, the person who barely ever cries, cried. It also raises some good points about cyberbullying. If you haven’t watched it, I would strongly recommend it.


~Mary, author at Bonsai


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