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Tell London- All Foxes Shouldn’t Pay for One Attack! March 3, 2013

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After four-week-old Denny Dolan was attacked by a fox that entered his home through an open back door, London’s Mayor, Boris Johnson, has urged a fox cull. Johnson said, “We face a growing problem with our urban fox population. Personally I wouldn’t rule anything in or out but ultimately this is a matter on which the boroughs must take the lead. Pest control falls to them. Attacks like that on this little boy thankfully are rare but foxes are a growing menace. Borough leaders need to look carefully at the facts and work together to respond.” According to, a spokeswoman for the council said it had no plans at present to begin a cull. However, they will need urging by the community as to the true causes of this tragedy. Foxes are not such a growing problem as is the responsibility of parents in a community. Knowing there are predatory animals in the area, parents should be advised to keep doors shut and keep a four-week-old baby in a crib, which is common sense. All foxes are not to blame for inadequate child safety and the actions of one fox. Murdering as many foxes as possible for the actions of one is wrong, and we need to tell London’s mayor that it isn’t the right way to deal with this situation. Tell Boris Johnson that culling foxes is wrong.

Signing is free.

Ceej, Vice President of Bonsai


One Response to “Tell London- All Foxes Shouldn’t Pay for One Attack!”

  1. Julia Says:

    The foxes were only doing what was natural!

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