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Stopping Disease March 3, 2013

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Ever since Andrew Wakefield published his infamous 1998 paper in The Lancet linking vaccines to autism, not as many people have been getting vaccinated against diseases such as chicken pox and measles. Now, this man has been proved false, but once this worry was set in our minds it has never left. People who have compromised immune systems and therefore cannot vaccinate themselves are getting chicken pox and some life-threatening diseases.

Excuses among the non-vaccinated include lies such as “What do you mean? Nobody gets that disease any more!” and the infamous “I didn’t want my children to get autism.” There are others, too, such as “I don’t have the money for a vaccine,” but if everyone but the people with compromised-immune systems and the less-fortunate got vaccinated, these diseases would surely die out, at least in wealthier countries.  This is called ‘herd immunity.’

I, myself, find it saddening that many people, at least where I live, are deciding that they don’t need vaccines.

In shutting vaccines out, they are putting the homeless and people with compromised immune systems at risk and letting diseases, deadly at not, back in.

Nik, Author at Bonsai



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