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Spotlight on Religious Holiday: Christian Easter March 31, 2013

Today is Easter, and it’s time to welcome the Easter bunny! Most of you probably eat chocolate rabbits and jelly beans on Easter,  but do you know the religious background to it? Do you know why some people complain about Easter, even if they get a ton of candy, because they have to go to church for two or more hours on Saturday night or Sunday and about an hour and a half on the Friday before?

In the Christian religion and all of its branches, Easter is the most holy day of the year.  You probably know about Jesus and God from just living. They’re also the reasons why we celebrate Christmas and everyone looks forward to that.

Easter is when Christians celebrate Jesus’ resurrection from the dead, after he was crucified to save us from our sins. It’s the last day of Holy Week, where Christians celebrate The Last Supper, where Jesus gave his body and blood to his followers and celebrated the first mass, Good Friday, when Jesus was crucified, and Easter Sunday, when Jesus was found to be gone from his tomb and alive again.

For Christians, Easter represents hope, a long journey, and miracles. It also shows them that God has the ability to do anything.

So where did the Easter Bunny and colored eggs and chocolate and peeps come from? Where did hunting for Easter eggs and candy evolve from? I have no idea, but it’s a nice way to celebrate what some people think is the most holy day of the year, don’t you think?



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Happy Easter, friends! If you do or don’t celebrate it, I hope you have a great day either way.

Here are a couple tips and ideas:

If you use real eggs to dye, don’t eat them. This isn’t because they’re colorful, but because you’ve probably been keeping them on display. If you want to eat them, you can poke holes in each side and blow/drain the insides onto a pan or in a bowl, then dye the shells.

Use the insides to make your scrambled eggs or something, and make sure they’re free range first.

Ditch the Easter grass. It’s messy, unhealthy for the environment, and a waste of money because you’ll throw it away and keep buying it year after year. Honestly, what’s the point of it? If lost outside, animals can choke on it. (If inside, it is also a hazard for infants.) So steer clear!

Reuse all of your items next year- wreaths, baskets, eggs, etc.

Buy fair trade chocolate from companies like Black & Green or Endangered Species. That way you’ll get a delicious treat, and you’ll be supporting their efforts.

Instead of hiding  things in the eggs, use eggs of different sizes to determine the prize. Bonus points if you use the dyed shells. That way if any eggs are lost, the chocolate won’t be found by animals. Or if you’re the type to put money in your eggs, it won’t be lost! Natural egg shells are the best way to go, because they will decompose quickly if not found. When people do find eggs, a small egg will be for a small treat, big egg for a big treat, etc.

Have a fun Easter! Remember to reuse, reduce, and recycle!


Spotlight on Religion: Spiritism March 29, 2013

Now it’s time for our second religion, I know you were waiting ages for this. So, what’s this one called? Spiritism.

Religion: Spiritism is a religion that isn’t really a religion like any other, sort of blending Christianity and some other Western religions to form its root. It was started by a French educater in the mid 19th century, and now has spiritism39 representive countries.

Where it is Practiced: As mentioned, 39 countries officially represent it, but the countries where it is most practiced are Brazil, Phillipines, and the UK. Some others are the US, France, and Spain.

Beliefs: Spiritism uses a book similar to the bible called the Spiritist Codification. In it there are five books: The Spirits’ Book, which covers subjects like God, Religion, Society, Spirit, Universe, Man, etc.; The Mediums’ Book, which covers things like how to channel spirits, the process done by mediums, etc.; The Gospel According to Spiritism, which has comments on the gospels of the world, highlighting passages that have ethical things shared by all religions and philisophical systems; Heaven and Hell, which has interviews with dead people and trying to come up with a corrolation between Heaven and Hell; and the Genesis According to Spiritism, which shows how spiritists think the world started and such. People who study spiritism believe in God, spirits, Nature, reincarnation, ghosts, and aliens. They also have karma, which is similar to the karma used in Hinduism, and mediumship, people who communicate with spirits (or ghosts).

Practices: Spiritism is not actually seen as a religion by most of its followers, and actually more of a way of life. Therefore, it doesn’t require frequent adoration or masses that other religions need. Spiritists think their religion has three parts: science, philosophy, and religion. Spiritism does have orginization, though. There’s something like a church system for it in Canada, and these can have a local, regional, or national scope.

If you want to find out more about spiritism, I did my research from these places:,, and

For more information, you can also go to:



Mining in Northern Wisconsin: Stop it Now! March 28, 2013

Wisconsin has been the home of many strong mining laws, but now, the governor Scott Walker wants to weaken these and begin mining in Northern Wisconsin. We will get some important metals, but we will also hurt the environment in a terrible way. The company that wants to mine there is one that recently mined in Illinois, and still isn’t complying to picking up its waste that it left behind. Sign a petition to stop this here:

We just need close to 300 more!

Look at the beauty that could be ruined in northern Wisconsin:


Earth Hour March 23, 2013

Hey guys! Earth Hour is going on today. At any time, turning off your lights and electronics for one hour will show your support for the symbolism of taking steps to stop climate change and showing the world how easy it is to reduce your energy. No, turning off your lights for an hour won’t stop global warming immediately, but leaving them on all day will contribute to it. Share the word with everyone about Earth Hour. I’m taking a challenge and trying not to use energy all day- my computer is running on reserve battery power.

LightbulbUsing less energy is important every day, because it reduces the carbon emissions that are going into our atmosphere. Celebrate Earth Hour all day today and tell everyone about it!


World Water Day March 21, 2013

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Happy World Water Day, everyone! WWD is tomorrow, March 22nd, and it is a day to celebrate the importance of water and try to bring it to everyone in the world. Sadly, many people do not even have access to this basic necessity. People living in poverty use less than 5 gallons a day, while the average American uses 100. Water is, and has always been, scarce, but some people have less access to it than others, and they deserve more to be healthy. That’s why here at Bonsai, we’re celebrating World Water Day to brainstorm how to help and raise everyone’s awareness about it.Here are some ways you can celebrate water without wasting:

~drink it

~buy a reusable bottle

~provide a day’s worth of safe drinking with butterfly rewards (


~enjoy more sustainable options, like…Nika Water


Bottled water isn’t great- the plastic is bad for the environment, and the molecules can leak into your h2o. But Nika is making a 100% effort to counteract the negative effects of bottled water by donating 100% of their profit to charities, and using 100% recycled bottles. Not only that, but they recycle a bottle every time one is made. And every time 98 bottles are sold, they plant a tree. Nika really is a lifesaver! Encourage your family and friends to buy Nika water instead of other brands like Arrowhead or Dasani. It helps the earth and its people, not to mention that it is incredibly good tasting. to the bottom of each page to read facts (some of which are found in this article.)


Filtration and Sanity

Sometimes people have access to a large source of water, but it is dirty and unsafe for drinking. It might even contain trash or animal waste! This water is obviously unhealthy and is the cause of many diseases, which impoverished people are not able to care for.


Blue Gold

Water is probably the one most important resource on the planet, and there just isn’t enough of it to go around. This is partly because of overpopulation and partly because of greenhouse gases causing mass evaporation. So if there isn’t enough to go around, how can we make sure everyone gets some? We’ll have to ration. Cut down on your water usage- even if it seems like what’s coming out of your tap is limitless, it’s not.


You can help end the water crisis by:

~educating people about it

~donating to funds like

~taking showers, not baths

~watering your lawn when it’s cool to prevent evaporation

~fixing all your leaks

~using tap water


Power of the Tap

Tap water is regulated and filtered for drinking uses. If you use it to clean your cups and glasses, why shouldn’t you use it to drink? It’s perfectly safe and you can reduce your water footprint by doing so.


Tell everyone you know to celebrate World Water Day, and help as much as you can!


Pickles’ Spotlight on Website: Free Kibble March 19, 2013

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Hi! This is Pickles  from
Have you ever wanted to feed neglected strays and shelter animals? Who wouldn’t?
But, it’s just such a hassle! From going to the store to pick up food, the driving all the to the nearest shelter which could be an hour away, in the end, it almost doesn’t seem worth it.
But, there’s a way that you can feed stray cats and dogs- with a simple click and a bit of thinking.
Introducing FreeKibble and FreeKibbleKat, the websites that feed the animals for you. All you have to do is answer a daily trivia question, and they will donate 10 pieces of kibble! It doesn’t matter I you get it wrong or right, the animals still get the food.
Isn’t it great?! You help an animal in need AND score some cool cat/dog facts at the same time.
Like previous website spotlights posts here on Bonsai, FreeKibble is all about helping.
So what are you waiting for?
Do it today, tomorrow, and everyday!
Here are the links: and
Trivia ArchivesMeow On,
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