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Why Literacy is Amazingly Amazing February 27, 2013

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Do you love watching movies? Do you adore fangirling over TV shows? Well, have you ever considered that there are literary sources for everything? Have you ever thought that maybe the books are better than the movie?

Once there were two goats. They were eating a film canister. Then one goat turned to the other and said, “I liked the book better.”


Illiteracy (ignorance from not reading enough books HINT HINT) is a huge problem in our society today. Too many people are relying on the internet, movies, and TV shows to get their knowledge. They do not read very many books, and because of this, our generation and society is becoming less and less and less.

Why Literacy is Important

Literacy is important in our society because it helps us. First of all, it makes us not stupid (Therefore, intelligent!). Being un-stupid can be gratifying to us in many ways. Unless your parents are crazy rich and are ready to give you a 2 million dollar business to inherit, being un-stupid will help you get jobs. Jobs usually require some degree of intelligence,  unless you want to spend the rest of your days scrubbing dishes and sweeping floors. Secondly, literacy gives you a chance to rub in other people’s faces that you get a bunch of references they don’t. You can quote Harry Potter, Shakespeare, and Ray Bradbury without a single thought and others will look up to you and find you smart. It will also make your future employers think you’re smart, and then you get more jobs! (Why do I keep reflecting on jobs? They help you, as well as the economy.) Lastly, literacy helps you become more creative. It will help you come up with new ideas to industrialize the world, or just write a book that makes people smile. Literacy is a very import and underrated skill to have these days, and it is slowly slipping away from us.

Why Being Illiterate is “Bad”

You might think that this is going to be the opposite of why literacy is important, and you can interpret it that way if you wish. Yes, it’s true that if you’re illiterate you don’t get good jobs and you don’t get to quote Shakespeare for your English teacher, but it’s also true that it will come back to bite you in the butt many times, maybe every day. You might not be “good enough” for your significant other. You might not be “smart enough” to keep any friends. You will have to live with your parents for your entire life, until they kick you out and you have to live in a “bad” apartment or on the streets. You don’t want to be lonely, depressed, poor, and an insult to society and economy, do you? That should be enough.

How do I Become More Literate?

You become more literate by finding books you enjoy! I strongly recommend, a place that gives you book recommendations based on what other books you’ve enjoyed in the past. You can also talk to librarians, friends, and look for authors you might have enjoyed in the past. And doing well in school never hurts!

I hope you are inspired to become more literate. :]

Mary, Author at Bonsai


5 Responses to “Why Literacy is Amazingly Amazing”

  1. waneekah Says:

    I agree with all the points. Well written. I wish everyone would think like you.

  2. Julia Says:

    In debate club today, we were discussing if society is too dependent on technology. Social media came up, and this a what one of the girls said:
    “Instagram is for the illiterate.”

    One of my new favorite quotes.

    • Maryzles Says:

      That girl is a genius.
      “Instagram is for the illiterate.”
      So true.

      • reader247 Says:

        Yeah. I don’t have an Instagram. Some of my friends are like, “Do you have an Instagram?” But then I just tell that that I don’t want something that sucks my life away. Most of my life consists of reading, as you can tell if you check out where my friends and I blog under yet more pen names. I definitely have a thing for pen names. 😉

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