Go Green or Go Home

E-Books February 26, 2013

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You know my older post about e-magazines and e-newspapers? I neglected to mention that there are e-books, too, although you probably know about that already. E-Books are great for the environment, because they are, of course, electronic, meaning less trees will be cut down to create books. However, if you’re not so sure you want to trade out your nice paper copy- I, myself, have a Nook tablet, but like real, paper books better- another good option is to check books out from the library, since those books aren’t read just once or twice, but hundreds of times, and anyone can access them.

Hope you consider this the next time you’re in a bookstore and, instead of buying books, make a list of books on scrap paper or your electronic device and proceed to head over to the library and, when you check out your books, tell the librarian you would prefer to not have a receipt.

Let’s make an effort to go green. Let’s save the planet. Let’s be Bonsai.

Nik, Author at Bonsai


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