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Spotlight on Website: Free Rice! February 23, 2013

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Hi again everybody! (And thanks to the new followers who signed up to receive this in their email! All readers- if you haven’t already, go do so now, and share it with your friends!)

This week’s website for my Spotlight on Website feature is:!

FreeRice is a website where you can answer trivia questions to feed the hungry. For every correct question you answer, ten grains of rice is added to your queue by generous sponsors. It’s fast and easy- in less than 10 minutes I donated 300 grains of rice, and by the time I finish this post I estimate I’ll have around 800.

Even better, they don’t take off grains if you fail a word. Instead, they give it to you again- improving your vocabulary, and the health of your needier fellows.

Please use as much as possible and tell us what you do about feeding the hungry!
(There! 1000 in less than 25 minutes!)
Ceej, Vice President of Bonsai


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