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Paper Usage February 20, 2013

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Ever seen those people who start to draw something on a piece of paper, then decide it’s not good enough and chuck it in the trash, at the same time reaching for another piece of paper? Was that person you? There are many things wrong with that, and here are a few:
~ Paper is made from trees, and you wouldn’t just throw trees in the trash, would you? Well, that’s essentially what you’re doing. You can save paper by using scratch paper or downloading an app on your phone or tablet like Fresh Paint, which allows you to draw without wasting paper. Also, there’s that handy little “undo” button.
~ Paper doesn’t belong in the trash. If you use paper, recycle it. That makes it so that someone will get your old paper made into new paper, instead of trees made into new paper.
~ If you use paper for notes or drawing, make sure that you use both sides instead of throwing the paper away with a blank side.
~ When you buy paper, check the label for anything from 1% recycled paper (which is better than none) and 100% recycled paper (which is awesome!). One brand I like that has notebooks with 50-60% recycled paper is Greenroom. Hope you think of this the next time you reach for another piece of paper! Better yet, spread the word about this so that your friends help the earth, too!

Nik, Author at Bonsai


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