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Local Pollution February 20, 2013

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Hi everyone! I recently travelled to southern California, and found myself frowning as I looked past the city at the beautiful landscape. You could hardly make out the lovely cacti and strange rocks, for there was a large, grey cloud hanging around. At first, since where I live there is nothing like this, I was expecting it to rain. However, I soon realized that the cloud was, indeed, smog. When I went closer, I could tell that the smog was pollution on account of its smell. When I breathed it in, it irritated my lungs and made me cough.

Let’s keep our world clean and smog-free by using cars as little as possible and buying your foods locally.

Nik, Author at Bonsai


3 Responses to “Local Pollution”

  1. Ceej Says:

    Yeah, when my family visits LA we are always shocked by the smoke and haze. Anybody want to brainstorm ways to reduce it?

    • haranik18 Says:

      Yeah! I didn’t mention it in my post, but an alternative to using a car is taking the bus. Even carpooling helps, not only to reduce pollution but to reduce traffic. Also, if you have an electric car or even a hybrid, that definitely reduces pollution!

      • mochi Says:

        Buses are great! Going on the bus is an adventure. At least, I think it is- I’ve never been on the bus because the school bus doesn’t come all the way out to our house and I don’t get out into the city very much. At least it’s not as polluted here.
        One thing that contributes a lot to air pollution is the incarceration of trash. Trash made with toxic chemicals, when burned, releases those toxic chemicals into the air. Did you know that just breathing the air in Mumbai, India, for ONE DAY is equivalent to smoking over two packs of cigarettes? For one thing, I will never visit Mumbai. For another thing, think of all the children who live there and breathe that air every day! This is unacceptable.

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