Go Green or Go Home

Trees and Us February 17, 2013

Zoooooom. A tree chopper is chopping a tree off. Crash. The tree falls. That is not good.

Trees purify the air, and if we chop all of them, our planet’s air will be rather filthy. Yuck!  Trees are already being chopped, but you can help. The way how you can help is planting trees, even if its a tiny Bonsai Tree.

Plants also help purify the air too. Even some house plants. Buy some plants, and plant them inside and outside your house. They will make the air much better.

Go Green!

Ruby, President of Bonsai


3 Responses to “Trees and Us”

  1. JM Says:

    I love trees and plants!

    But I can never seem to keep flowers alive very long. 😦

    I have a lot of trees in my neighborhood, mainly pepper and oak. But, I’m allergic to oak trees! (And a ton more. But I still like them)

  2. palletcolors Says:

    Shamzles! Maybe you can plant some plants, not flowers, or little trees, like Bonsai trees.

  3. Ceej Says:

    Bonsai trees, definitely. 😉
    I can’t garden at all- but I’ve got something planned for this summer, just you wait. >:3

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