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Spotlight on Website February 13, 2013

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In this weekly section I’ve created, we talk about a website that makes a difference in its own way. This week’s spotlight is…!

GoodSearch is a web browser that donates a cent every time you search. The average student searches 5-15 times a day. Let’s say you switched to GoodSearch, chose a charity, and searched exactly 15 times each day. You would earn $54.75 for the charity you chose to support each year- just by searching for what you need! Goodsearch also has an image and video setting, as well as GoodShop, GoodDining, and GoodSurveys. This means that each time you shop/dine/submit or answer a survey, you’ll be donating to a good cause. And it’s so easy. You can even click sign in with Google or Facebook if you don’t want to make a whole new account.

Please make GoodSearch your default browser, go to restaurants in the name of GoodDining, and buy things online using GoodShop. Then go take a GoodSurvey or two about how you liked it! I discovered GoodSearch pretty recently and I don’t search very often- about three times a week, because I have the sites that I go on without really needing to discover new ones. (Like this one! Who needs Twitter when you have WordPress?) Since I haven’t been on for a while, and my default browser keeps reverting to Bing, (I hate Bing) I’ve only raised six dollars and ten cents. But hey, that’s pretty good for a girl who doesn’t even search every day.

Start using GoodSearch and all of it’s features, and remember- every cent counts!
Ceej, Vice President of Bonsai


2 Responses to “Spotlight on Website”

  1. Julia Says:

    That’s really really cool!

    Kinda like KibbleKat- every time you answer a question about something, they donate a piece of cat kibble to a cat in need.

    Or like, which donates a grain of rice.

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