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Going Green in an Easy Way: From A to Z (Part 1: A-M) January 28, 2013

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A is for eating local APPLES and other fruits (or food in general).

If you eat locally, buying apples (and other fruits or food in general) is certainly earth-friendly and will save you quite a lot of money in the long run. Less shipping = less energy used = less money = less hurting the environment! Everyone wins! (Except, of course, for the producers of those apples grown 2,000 miles away from home.)

B is for banning bottled water.

Why get bottled water when you can always use the tap or a drinking fountain? Not only does it cost more, it also wastes plastics. It can add to terrible plastic dumps, the ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’, and landfills. Even though it might not effect you now, think about how it will effect your children, your grandchildren, and even your great-great-great-great-great-great grandchildren. If the human race survives that long.

C is for credibly craiglist-ing.

Buy used things! If you’re looking to redecorating your house, you can either make your own things, or sneakily go off to craiglist or FreeSharing to get gently used things cheaply or for free. Of course, Amazon works, too. If we don’t have to make new things every time we want something, you have no idea how much the world would benefit.

D is for dispose of that doggy doo-doo.

Cheesy title, I know, but you have no idea how much of your pets ‘messes’ can end up in lakes, rivers, or other places, thus contaminating our drinking water. Or, if you want to think of it in a deeper way, the drinking water of the future generation. With this on your mind, I hope that you don’t mind getting your hands dirty once in a while — “It’s for *loud sniff on the other side of the mess* the good *cough* of *gag* the welfare *wretch* of my *gasp* CHILDREN AHHHHHHHH!!!”

E is for energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency is probably very self-explanatory. Less energy = more energy in future = welfare for future people = YAY. Seriously, though, turn off the lights, shut off your water, and turn off your electronics when you aren’t using them. This is one of the gateways to a better world.

F is for no fast foodie.

Fast food isn’t good. And neither is buying food when you don’t know what’s in it, when you don’t know about the things that they don’t put onto the ingredients list. Growth hormones. Sand. Duck feathers. Human hair. Wood. Silly putty. Fertilizer. Excuse me while I go throw up. Though  this may not have as much to do with ‘Going Green’, it has to do with your health and safety. Also, fast food can be quite terrible for the environment. Also, human rights. *nod*

G is for go-go garages!

Borrow things from garages. Find forgotten nick-knacks in your basement. Become BFFs with your neighbor so you can borrow their lawnmower without having to buy your own. Less manufacturing. Less shipping. MORE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT YESSSSS. ‘Nuff said.

H is for hugging the homemade compost buckets.

Make a homemade compost bin/bucket thing, or just use one of your own! Less trash, less filling in the landfills, less piles that are ruining the environment, more happiness for the heavenly happiness of happiness! So, compost. In a handmade, DIY way.

I is for ice cream without Italian sports cars.

Why would you want to drive everywhere? Walk. Ride a bike. Run around. Get your energy out. Run around. You can still get that ice cream, but don’t drive your car all over the place. Cars are terrible for the environment. Particularly Italian sports cars. Though they are pretty flashy. And awesome. Car trips can be pretty great, too.

J is for just let the jabberwocky and jays take care of your laundry.

Because they’re in the sky, you know? Just a way of making ‘air dry your clothes on a line outside’ into letter j. I did a pretty good job, don’t you think? Anyway, don’t use your dryer. Use that handy-dandy line from fifty years ago. It will save energy (see e) and make your clothes smell nicer. Unless, of course, an animal comes along and . . . well, you know. Or an atomic bomb gets dropped on your house. Then you won’t really need clothes.

K is for kingly kloth things (and yes, kloth is spelled wrong so I can get around those senseless rules of alliteration).

If you have a baby and switch to cloth diapers, you can keep over 365 diapers a year from going into a landfill. From polluting the earth. From making things happy. Just by making your diapers cloth and providing you with more laundry to hang up for the jabberwocky. Yep. Also, cloth rags instead of paper ones, cloth shopping bags instead of paper or plastic, and cloth EVERYTHING. Seriously, cloth is like the new plastic.

L is for lavishly laminated labels on glass jars for your kitchen.

Reuse those glass jars and use them as storage for your new things! Don’t just go and buy other glass jars to store that stuff, in just reuse them with not-necessarily laminated labels. If we can just use less plastics . . .

M is for making many marvelous machines/things.

DIY it up! Don’t buy everything from the store. Then they aren’t unique! They’re made in mass production! If DIY, not only can you brag to your friends, you won’t give into those mass-production companies, and it’s fun. Also, cheaper. Rainy days are not so rainy anymore, never fear!



2 Responses to “Going Green in an Easy Way: From A to Z (Part 1: A-M)”

  1. JM Says:

    Nice. I eat fast food though- BUT- only good fast food places, like In-N-Out, and the Habit. My sis and dad like Panda Express. *gags*
    I wouldn’t dare drink from the water fountains at school (they spew ants) but I bring my own reusable one.

    • Maryzles Says:

      Yeah, the drinking fountains at school are pretty disgusting. The ones at my school are filled with gum — I mean, really. Who throws their gum in drinking fountains?? Obviously, many people. I don’t eat out very much, and the only fast-food places I go to are Culvers and Subway and Cousins.

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