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The Consumption Cycle January 26, 2013

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The results of living in a society with a high level of consumption will be negative, in the long term, because we will lose resources, pollute the environment, and become a world based on materials. High levels of consumption create high levels of demand, therefore causing more desire for materials. When trees are cut down, coal is mined, and water used in excess without replacing the resources, there will eventually come a day when there is nothing left. Not only is the extraction of resources dangerous, so is the production and simple existence of goods. Resources are taken, chopped or compressed by fuming machines, covered in chemical resin, packaged with paper that’s gone through the same process, and transported by trucks and ships that blow out clouds full of CO2 and freon. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the packaging is thrown away to decompose in a landfill, or even if it is recycled, it goes through the process again! And again! Every time it creates more pollution, and every time it contributes to the vicious cycle that is consumption. Furthermore, each time a product is made or bought, it accomplishes nothing but making us a global society more focused on buying and having, even though all of this buying-and-having can be dangerous. The people who buy products are exposed to the chemicals, which means that consumption based living is also unhealthy and perilous living. As the years go on, they eventually buy more products to help their asthma or other condition that was caused by the chemicals, which makes the entire thing happen over again. Becoming a world based on expenditure is taking us in a downhill direction, because it creates more vicious cycles spiraling off the original supply-and-demand rotation. If we bought local goods and supported smaller businesses, made updates available online instead of having to buy an entire new iPhone, we could reduce some of the buying obsession that the world has been slowly sinking into. We can still fix this problem before it swallows us up, but if we don’t change it, the results of living in a society with as high a level of consumption as we humans have are definitely going to be negative. For more information, google and watch the movie “The Story of Stuff” online. It really made me notice the shocking truth about environmental crisis.
Ceej, Vice President of Bonsai


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