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Farmed Salmon Problem January 25, 2013

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Farmed salmon are fish that have lived in nets their whole lives with other fish.  They are much more unhealthy than wild fish, because of these reasons:

1. Diseases.  If one fish gets a disease, such as fish lice, it is spread to the rest of the fish

2. Crowding.  The fish are too crowded, so they can get sores and there can be as many as 27 fish in a area the size of a bathtub.  We’re talking like king salmon size fish.

3.  The salmon are given chemicals for color.

4. They are fed things like chicken feces pellets, soy and other toxic things

5. They are given more antibiotics than any other animal

Wild salmon are much healthier for your body than farmed, so next time your mom is at the supermarket buying salmon, ask if it’s farmed.  For more information on this subject Google farmed salmon.

Kaia, Author on Bonsai



2 Responses to “Farmed Salmon Problem”

  1. palletcolors Says:

    That’s so gross! I’m glad I don’t eat fish.

    • kaiawillis Says:

      If you get wild salmon, it’s not like that. Wild fish are much healthier, and better for you, so you just have to watch out for the farmed stuff. My dad is a commercial fisherman in Alaska, so I get most of my info from him. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

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