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Trees and Droughts January 24, 2013

Filed under: Forest Conservation — mochi @ 12:47 am

Trees all over the world are dying because of a new predicament found in the xylem. This is what the research of Brendan Choat and Dr. Hervé Cochard points to, and it means that the trees’ chances of surviving drought are becoming very slim. Air bubbles crop up by the dozen for xylem in trees standing through a period of limited rainfall. They are blocking water transport through the sinewy strands of xylem and essentially leading to the plant’s death. The reason for the increased levels of dryness is climate change, which has altered general rainfall and caused the droughts to be more severe. The trees’ problems are far from over- 70% of the trees studied by the scientists in this project are likely to die at the next serious drought. Furthermore, xylem tissue also starts to dry up and fail on the tree, which, combined with bubbly roadblocks, is a very serious problem for our deciduous friends. We must counteract the fate that has befallen them by planting more trees and decreasing Global Warming, the effects of which have many more consequences than simply the murder of innocent conifers. Thanks to the efforts of the scientists, now that one understands about the disruption in physiology, we can begin to change it. If you have ideas, please send them in on the Submit Your Work page.

Ceej, Vice President of Bonsai


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