Go Green or Go Home

Saving the Earth in Style January 21, 2013

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Are you a glam diva who cares about helping the earth? Maybe a punk rocker who loves the environment? Clothing is important to people who have a distinct personality. But are you worried that switching to earth-friendly and organic fabric will cramp your style? They won’t- and I, Ceej, have examples to show you!

You can buy organic, eco-friendly, and handmade clothing easily! There are many websites that will help you.

Etsy is a website for selling and buying handmade items all around the world.

Fashion and Earth sells organic, fair trade clothing, towels, and bedding.–Introduction_.html

Element Eco Wear provides eco-friendly, fair trade casual clothing.!UrVPvq1BAAGTfWMxNjYAVQAABWVCAAAo8w-A

Yes It’s Organic sells furniture, clothing, and amenities- and yes, it’s organic! 😉


Bamboosa sells bamboo wallets, electronic cases, fabrics, furnitures, and other sustainable bamboo items.

Me to We style sells cute, affordable clothes that are organic and fair trade.

Organic Bouquet provides, well, organic bouquets, as well as gift baskets and treats.

Enjoy these sites as much as possible because while you’re shopping for cute clothes, you are giving back to the world!

Ceej, Vice President of Bonsai
Go Green or Go Home


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