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PSI Balls January 21, 2013

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PSI Balls

Hello my dear, earth-loving, well-living friends. This world contains some seriously fantastic things, including an amazing little (or not so little, very important, in fact) subject called PSI Balls. What is a PSI ball? It is an invisible sphere full of energy that you can fill with flavoring, healing, good wishes, luck, color, or whatever you would like. A PSI ball, though invisible, is easily sensed by feeling the air. It is a warm patch of air, sometimes smelling nice or making you feel amazing when you walk through it. PSI balls are a dangerous thing to leave around though. After a while you must destroy it, or it will be too much excess energy sitting around. This might even contribute to Global Warming.

Today I will tell you:

How to Make Them

How to Fill Them

How to Send Them


What to Do With Them

How to Make Them

Make a PSI ball by using these simple steps.

1. Close your eyes and rub your hands together.

Are they warm? Yes? Good. Continue.

2. Slowly move them apart. Do you feel a pulsing, tickling sensation? That is the energy. Move them back together, out, in, out in.

Do you still feel that tickling energy? Are your eyes still closed?

3. Move your hands up, down, and around. Imagine you are shaping a sphere out of clay. Once you are more advanced you can make a cube or cone. But stick to a sphere for now.

4. Keep your eyes closed, and in your mind picture a powerful, hot force of nature. Lightning. Fire. Something like that. Imagine energy flooding out of it in the form of bright white light. Imagine that energy flowing down your arms and filling your PSI ball with power.

5. Rub your hands gently and very quickly together just one more time, and do the finishing touches on your sphere.

Release it. Push it a little bit in front of you. Then feel the air in front of you. Is it warm? Good! Very good!

You have just made an unfilled, uncolored, unscented PSI ball. You can destroy it by clapping down on the warm space, which will shatter the energy.

How to Fill Them

Don’t you worry! Filling your PSI ball is easy. The most important thing to remember is never forget to use the natural source. Say you want to fill your PSI ball with the taste of mint. After imagining the natural force opening up and giving bright energy to your sphere, imagine a mint plant doing the same. This works with a scent, too, you just have to concentrate on your goal of being able to smell it instead of taste it.

Now, say you want to fill it with a blue color. You still won’t be able to see it, but if you give it to someone, they might know what color it is. Imagine, when you are shaping your sphere, that you have paint on your hands. In the color we have chosen for our example, blue. Imagine that the paint is getting all over the sphere and coloring it a bold, brilliant blue.

Filling it with a feeling is a tiny bit harder, because it will only work if you make it in the moment that the feeling is strongest. Let’s imagine your friend is sad and thinks she is good at nothing, because you won the talent show, and she got a rating of 1. You know she is great at lots of things, but how do you cheer her up? At the moment you win the talent show, when you are filled with pride and elation, that is when you must make your PSI ball. Concentrate on that energy, the natural source, but most of all, your overwhelming happiness and triumph. Then give it to her. It will give her some of that wonderful feeling and pick up her low mood.

You’re getting good at this now! Now is the time to fill it with good wishes and luck. Focus on great things happening, and say a sort of spell in your head.

Best wishes of luck, for me or my friend,

So we can have clear paths ahead ’til the end.

Think of the great things that will happen! Fill your PSI ball with the awesomeness! (but don’t forget the natural source, of course)

Filling your PSI ball with healing thoughts. This only works if it is a minor injury, or maybe if you or a friend is just sore. Pick your brains for the herb that would help her

most. Imagine your friend getting better, being well and energetic and able to play sports or dance or run or whatever. Focus VERY, VERY HARD. Good! I think you’ve got it.

How to Send Them

Guess what? You’ll be glad- sending a PSI ball is extremely easy! Let’s say I want to send a yummy, peach flavored PSI ball to Ruby. I sent her a lavender healing one earlier today. I’m going to keep her in mind the whole time, and when I release it into the air I’ll focus VERY VERY HARD on a picture of her in my mind. Then I’ll say, “RUBY!” and give it a stronger toss that usual out into the world. It will travel allllllll the way across the Earth. Then I will have to notify her that I sent her one and she will have to go searching for it.

What to Do With Them

There are all sorts of fantastic things you can do with your PSI ball. You can give yourself extra energy by swallowing it (in which case it always helps to flavor it)

You can leave it in a public place, around the area of a mid-size person’s head. This is a good deed for the world, especially if you feel it with a happy feeling , healing thoughts/herbs, or good wishes. Or a combination! Just make sure that if you leave it somewhere, come back to smash it in a day or two. Otherwise it will add more unnecessary heat to the earth. You can play PSI Hide and Seek. One person makes a PSI ball, hides it somewhere, and lets the others into the room. They feel around for it, and the person gives a prize or something to whoever is right. You can play a game with it, give it to someone and ask them to guess what flavor or color it is. You can make extra hot ones and position them around your feet or hands if you’re cold. Think of other things you can do with your PSI balls! You might even be able to bounce it!

Ceej, Vice President of Bonsai
Go Green or Go Home


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